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ESIEA's first exchange student from Tama University

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This year we are very happy and honored to welcome to Laval ESIEA's first exchange student from Tama University, Mr. Takahiro Ushirogi.


Takahiro is doing an internship with Mr. Franck Crison and taking French classes with Mrs. Laurence Filiol. The following photos were taken during Laval's Open Day on 6 March. Takahiro and Mr Crison presented the "Verdun" virtual reality project to our visitors. Takahiro will stay with us through 14 April so he can participate in "Laval Virtual".








Takahiro's stay at ESIEA Ouest was brief (February to April 2010) but intense! These photos show him making the most of his time with us.




We truly enjoyed having you with us, Takahiro, and we hope you'll come back to France very soon!


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