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New info on TOEFL scores and new GRE--June 2011

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Information sent to us by the Director of Overseas Studies for IIT, Dr. Vanita Misquita:


Concerning the TOEFL:


Applicants must submit their TOEFL and ONLY have the possiblity to retake the TOEFL to improve their overall scores and/or section scores, PRIOR TO THE COMPLETION OF THEIR APPLICATION. 


They will not have the possibility to retake the TOEFL, after an admit decision, if they have overall scores between 70 and 89 on the TOEFL ibt and/or scores below 20 in any section(s).   In such cases, they will be required to take the required English courses at IIT, if they have fulfilled all other requirements for admission.  As you know, the english courses are at an extra cost.  So students must ensure that their TOEFL overall score is 90 and each section score is 20 when they decide to apply to IIT.


Information sent to us by the Directof of Graduate & Professional Admissions for IIT, Mrs. Debbie Gibson:


Concerning the new GRE:


On August 1, 2011, The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is launching a significantly revised and enhanced GRE General Test worldwide, which will replace the current GRE General Test.  The test has been modified to better align with the skills needed in today’s graduate and business school programs. 

Changes to the test content include:

The Verbal Reasoning measure will emphasize complex reasoning skills.  The measure will stress reading and will include new question types and new computer-enabled tasks.

The Quantitative Reasoning measure will assess the same basic mathematical concepts (including arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis), but will include a greater proportion of questions devoted to real-life scenarios and data interpretation.

The Analytical Writing measure will not change dramatically.  Test takers will still write two essays, one will evaluate a logical argument and the other allows the test taker to express their views on a critical issue.

New Score Scale

Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning will be reported on a new 130-170 score scale, instead of the current score scale of 200-800, and in 1 point increments rather than 10 points. 

Analytical Writing scores will continue to be reported on a 0-6 score scale, in half-point increments.

Prospective Students and Applicant Information

Graduate Admission has added important test information for prospective students and applicants to the website and has sent an email to all prospects informing them of the change in the GRE.  Additionally, prospective students and applicants have been informed that they can receive a  50% discount on the exam registration fee if testing in August or September, 2011.  Tests taken in August or September will be electronically reported to IIT by mid-November.   If applicants wish to have their scores reported before November, they must take the GRE General Test before August 1, 2011. 


To learn more about the GRE revised General Test, visit www.ets.org/gre        


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