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Beijing Jiaotong University: http://en.njtu.edu.cn


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ESIEA has a bilateral cooperation agreement with Beijing Jiaotong University involving academic exchanges in the School of Software Engineering and a double degree program, Master of Software Engineering.


Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) is a national research university founded in 1896.

The University is located in Beijing’s Haidian District, which is known as China’s “Home of Higher Education”. To the north of the University is Zhongguancun, which is known as China’s “Silicon Valley”.


The University has 14 academic faculties, offers 54 undergraduate programs and has 14,636 undergraduate studentson campus.


The School of Software Engineering (SSE) was founded in March 2003. It is comprised of the Department of Software Engineering, Department of Digital Media and Software Engineering Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center. The first 2 years of undergraduate program emphasize on the basic theory of computer science and technology. The last 2 years focus on the software specialty knowledge and practicing them by real projects. Other than these courses, students will attend other trainings like Class Projects Training, Practical Project, Enterprise Internship, and graduate design.


Direction ---Software Engineering Technology or Embedded System or Digital Media Technology or Information Management.


As of now 1500 students are graduated from SSE. SSE has over 1300 current students, of which 720 undergraduates, 280 graduates, 4 doctoral candidates, over 300 international students. Right now they send 20 students per year for studies abroad. Their ambition is to increase to 30%.


Master of Software Engineering

The School of Software Engineering offers intensive courses of software engineering technology, information management technology, embedded application software engineering, digital media technology, and other professional directions. The School of Software Engineering with enterprises established deliver security joint laboratories, management innovation and service engineering laboratories.

Under the double-supervisor system, our aim is to prepare students to be masters in software industry to match the company needs, as: software engineering, demand analyst, software architect, system analyst, project consultant, project manager, quality manager.


Academic calendar:

Fall: mid-September to mid-January

Spring: end-February to mid-July